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Dixons Kings Academy


The academy has a dress code that all students are expected to follow. There is an emphasis on being clean and tidy and students must appreciate that not all items of clothing are appropriate for a place of work. Students should recognise that conflict over the dress code is inappropriate. Our dress code is practical and allows a choice within very clear boundaries.

Generic items that can be bought from numerous outlets include:

  • Black tailored trousers
  • White school shirts or blouse
  • Black socks
  • Black shoes

Items that must be purchased through suppliers such as Natasha's schoolwear include:

  • School Blazer
  • School Tie
  • PE kit items

The dress code is as follows:

  • A school blazer appropriate for their year group.
  • A white shirt or blouse, no coloured garments are to be worn underneath the shirt.
  • A school tie, appropriate for their year group.
  • Trousers should be full-length black and tailored; jeans / tracksuits / leggings / very flared trousers / very tight trousers / knee length trousers/ trousers which gather at the ankle are not considered appropriate wear. Jeans are defined as trousers with patch pockets and rivets. Trousers should not trail on the floor.
  • Girls can opt to wear plain black shalwar kameez or tunic with a white blouse/shirt with the Academy blazer over the top.
  • If socks are visible under trousers, they should also be plain black.
  • Hijabs, scarves, turbans, crowns and top knots, worn for religious reasons, must be plain black and well secured. Please do not use pins to secure any headwear as these can pose a hazard.
  • Shoes must be sensible and entirely plain black, laces must be fastened. Heels, boots and trainers are not acceptable. Students wearing the wrong footwear will be asked to change into academy footwear.
  • Any student wearing jewellery, other than a watch (smart watches are not permitted), will be asked to instantly remove it and it may be confiscated until the end of term. The only exception to this is where there is a compulsory religious expectation, for example the Sikh Kara.
  • All facial jewellery or visible body-piercing is inadmissible. Plasters cannot be worn to cover piercings.
  • No nail varnish, fake nails, or fake eyelashes at any time. This is for health and safety reasons.
  • Hair should be appropriate to a place of work, i.e. no unusual styles or patterns. A student may be asked to tie hair back for health and safety reasons. Hair bands should be plain, no other hair ornament is necessary.
  • Belts, if worn, should be plain black and not worn as a ‘fashion statement’ over jumpers or shirts.

To avoid embarrassment or unnecessary cost, if a student or parent is in any doubt about a hairstyle, or the purchase of an item of clothing, they should speak with their Head of Year before going ahead. Students will be asked to rectify any hairstyle, or replace any clothing at their expense that is perceived to be unsuitable for school. Younger students are strongly advised to label all items of clothing.

We welcome your co-operation in maintaining the smart appearance of the academy students.

View examples of footwear below: