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Dixons Kings Academy

Examination Information

Year 11 - GCSE Public Examinations

All Year 11 students have their own personal exam timetables for the exams starting on Monday 15 May.

GCSE Results Day

Thursday 22 August 2024

Students can come and collect their results from 8:30am.

If there are any students who are unable to collect their results on the 24th August then they need to email to make alternative arrangements.

Please see exam and assessment results for Dixons Kings Academy by clicking here.

Lost Examination Certificates

Dixons Kings Academy do not have duplicates of your exam certificates and we only keep them for one year after you have taken your exams. The only organisations that can replace them are the exam boards that awarded them. Most exam boards will charge you for their replacement.

You will need to find out the exam board who gave you your certificate. To do this you may need to contact Dixons and we will be able to give you this information. Make sure you know which year you sat the exam, as the exam boards used can change from year to year.

Once you know the exam board(s) you can apply for a duplicate certificate or a statement of results. To do this you must contact the appropriate board. Click on the links below which will take you to the relevant web page:

OCR (Oxford and Cambridge and RSA Exam board)

Tel: 01223 553998


Edexcel (University of London and BTEC examinations)

Tel: 0845 618 0440


AQA (Formerly AEB and NEAB awarding bodies)

Tel: 0800 197 7162


WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee)

Tel: 029 2026 5000 (Formerly AEB and NEAB awarding bodies)
Tel: 01423 840 015 (University of London and BTEC examinations)
Tel: 0845 618 0440


NCFE Vocational Awarding Body

Tel: 0191 239 8000


Information for ex-Dixons Kings students intending to resit examinations

The only opportunity for ex-students to resit exams at Dixons Kings Academy is in the June exam series, subject to the Academy still offering the qualification for current students, and having the capacity to facilitate the request. Dixons schools operate a cashless system and this will include payments for resits. Ex-students will still be able to put in requests to resit but all payments would need to be made via the Parent Pay system. Initially students will need to complete a request form for which there will be an internal deadline. Students will need to meet this deadline to ensure that the Exam Office has enough time to set up the Parent Pay system, give students enough time to complete the payment, time to process the entry, send confirmation reports and meet the exam board deadline.

Students wishing to resist exams in November should contact their current educational provider or contact the exam board direct for a list of schools in this area, which accept external candidates.

Every year the school receives a large number of enquiries from parents / students asking if we accept external candidates for exams. Dixons Kings Academy does not take any external candidates but will consider students who have attended the school in the past.

Information for student wanting to request a review of marking and access to scripts

Dixons schools operate a cashless system, which includes payments for reviews of marking and access to scripts. Students will still be able to put in their requests for these services, but all payments would need to be made via the Parent Pay system. Initially students should speak to the examination officer about their request, they will be required to fill in a consent form and then the payment item will appear on Parent Pay. Students should make themselves aware of the deadlines for these services; giving enough time for the payment to be logged, payment to be made, and the request submitted to the exam board.

Download our examinations handbook and timetables below.