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Dixons Kings Academy

Year 9 Parents Evening - Thursday 7 March 2024 from 3.15pm-6.15pm


Our trust has three levels of governance. Our members are the protectors and custodians of our trust and make sure that our values are respected and upheld. They hold our trustees to account for the governance of our trust. Our trustees set the strategic direction of our trust. They are responsible for compliance with all financial regulations and are accountable to our members and the Department for Education.

The third tier is a local academy board who are accountable to the community in which they serve and are part of our focus on community anchoring, where the academy is at the heart of the community and everyone has shared responsibility to provide a safe, healthy environment for our children to develop. They are tasked with meaningful engagement with local stakeholders and provide our trustees with expert intelligence from the local tier to drive strategy.

The local academy board will look after three academies in its community, Dixons Kings, Dixons City and Dixons Marchbank academies, to truly understand the needs of the whole community and to ensure we work together in collaboration.

If you would like to be part of the local academy board please contact Kathryn Berrill, Head of Governance and Executive Services on

The full powers and duties are laid out in our Scheme of Delegation which can be found on our trust website Document Library.

Local academy board ambassadors can be contacted via the academy address or by completing the contact form on our Contact us page.