Stretch for all

The stretch projects are based around a central theme and are completed at home, progress is reviewed during weekly form time sessions. The stretch final takes place at the end of each cycle and showcases the best stretch projects from each form group and an overall stretch winner is chosen.

The central themes for each cycle encourage students to explore topics outside of their traditional subjects, some examples of these themes include:

  • Morality – for this theme students are expected to explore moral dilemmas within society, for example students may choose to research and present about euthanasia, or animal testing.
  • Culture – this theme allows students to find out more about the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society for example students may choose to research and present about the native American Indians or Greek Mythology.    
  • Natural – this theme encourages students to research and present about something that naturally occurs in the world around them, for example volcanoes or a specific plant or animal species.
  • Language – this theme encourages students to research and present about a language of their choice or a specific aspect of language such as accents or language acquisition.

Stretch helps to develop the core skills that are sought after by employers such as independent learning, research and the confidence to present in public to a sizeable audience.

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