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Dixons Kings Academy


Dixons Kings Academy operates a fair-banding process as part of it's admissions policy. Fair-banding is used by the Academy to demonstrate that we admit children from all ability levels, not just those who achieve the highest score on the assessment test. Consequently, it is not a traditional pass or fail test. Allocation of a place will be based purely on the oversubscription criteria, which includes random allocation. Full details of the oversubscription criteria, can be found in our Admissions Policy (see downloads section of the Admissions page).

Intake 2023

To enter children for the assessment for admission into Year 7 in September 2024, a supplementary form has to be completed by the deadline of 3.30pm on Monday 25 September 2023. A link to the form is available from our Admissions page.

Children for whom the supplementary form has been submitted by the deadline, will be sent an e-mail or letter during week commencing 2 October to advise them of the time to attend for the assessment.

The assessment will be held on Saturday 14 October 2023. For those unable to attend on this date, an alternative date will be offered.

A sample assessment paper is available in the Downloads section below. Please use this paper to familiarise your child with the type of assessment they will sit. They should not be worried if they cannot answer all of the questions; they should just try to answer as many as they can.

In-Year Admissions

Places very rarely occur at the Academy but, if they do, we would invite any applicant on the current waiting list for that year group to complete the assessment (if they have not already done so). The decision of who is offered a place will be determined by matching the ability level of the child who is leaving and applying the oversubscription criteria, which can be found in our Admissions Policy (see downloads section of the Admissions page).

1 nvr familiarisation parent guide (PDF)
2 nvr 1 familiarisation test booklet (PDF)
3 nvr1 answer sheet (PDF)