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Home Learning is the daily work that students must complete if they are self-isolating or there is a local lockdown. In the current national lockdown, all students should be now completing online learning from home unless they form part of the key worker or vulnerable student group. Each year group has a ‘Home Learning Timetable’ that they must follow which provides students with high quality lessons and resources they can complete at home in a range of different subjects. Students access their home learning work from the ‘Home Learning Schedule’ document. This document is uploaded to this page of the website on a weekly basis and is emailed to all students every Monday morning. Please watch the video on ‘How to access Home Learning’.

For Year 7-10, students should always watch the pre-recorded teacher video explanations to support their learning and read the student instructions document carefully for each of their subjects. Any home learning lessons which do not contain teacher video explanations from the academy where possible will be supported by other video content e.g. Hegarty Maths, Oak National Academy.

For Year 11, students should attend their weekly live lesson for each subject via Teams from Monday-Thursday. To view the Year 11 live lesson timetable please go to the download section. Year 11 should also complete the rest of their home learning lessons set weekly on SharePoint and ensure all pre-recorded video explanations are watched to support their learning.

Students in all year groups must read carefully the ‘student instructions’ document for each subject and email all their completed work to their subject teachers by Friday 3.30pm each week. It is really important that students always complete their home learning work each week as the content covered will not be repeated once they return to the Academy.

For further information on home learning. Please read the WTD Year 7-11 Remote Learning Parents document from the download section.

If you are having difficulties logging in to access the home learning work using your Office 365 account please click here and log a request for your password to be reset. (This may take up to 48 hours, please be patient whilst we deal with your request).

If you have any questions please contact the academy using the email addresses below

General queries:

The government expectation is that the academy has a senior leader which oversees the home learning provision in the academy. The senior leader which has been designated with responsibility for home learning is Ms Charlotte Binns. If you have any concerns regarding the home learning provision please direct these queries to the Heads of Year in the first instance who will be able to support you. If your concerns are not addressed please speak to Ms Binns.

How to access Home Learning

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